2017 Students' best works

Congratulations to Meegan Louise Clark,  who is rewarded by the "New Faces Mariangela Tempera Prize" thanks to her best work !

6 essays were selected among the essays handed in after Szeged Intensive programs:

Title Author Home university of the author Full document

“No. I don't think I am me. Not any more”: Sacrificing the Self in Utopia

Meegan Louise Clark Freie Universität Berlin READ

Social Exclusion and Stereotyping through Food-Related Terms of Address in Shakespeare’s Henriad and 21st Century Society

Charlène Cruxent Université Paul-Valéry  Montpellier 3 READ

The Ambivalence of the Racist Insult in the Crisis of Acceptance and Understanding: Facing the Other through the Slur in Benali’s Yasser (2001) and Chalmers’ Two Merchants (2011)

Nora Galland Université Paul-Valéry  Montpellier 3 READ

EIF 2016 Shakespearean Repertoire, Shakespeare at 400 Celebrations and Crisis in Contemporary Britishness

Tuğba Şabanoğlu

Freie Universität Berlin READ

The Effectiveness of Language in Speeches by Trump and Shakespeare

Stan Reiner van Zon Universiteit Utrecht READ

The Gift of ‘The Shattering of the Self’: Murder and Sacrifice as Aesthetic Eminence in Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus

Rui Rato Univerzita Karlova Prague READ



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